During Math Test

  • Me: ok i can do this.
  • Me: Wait how do you do this?
  • Me: Omg did i even learn this?
  • Me: How the f*ck are you suppose to know this?
  • Me: Ugh what time is it?
  • Me: Im hungry.
  • Me: I probably should’ve studied.
  • Me: What the f*ck.
  • Me: It would be funny if someone passed out.
  • Me: I hate everyone here.
  • Me: Why do my hands look so weird?
  • Me: I wonder if she’s a virgin?
  • Me: I wonder if he’s a virgin?
  • Me: UGH why wont anyone let me cheat off their paper?
  • Me: I hate this class room. Its too green.

There are normal people, and then there’s me…